CS:GO - Skin Changer

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items_game.txt not readable Fix (Deutsches Tutorial) / Site
Download fixed items_game.txt


(Only 64bit-Java Installations)

Download fixed items_game.txt


Can I get VAC-banned with this?
My original answer from the video description:

"If you change any files / any folder in the csgo directory it won't ban you, it'll just think your game is broken so it won't let you play on >official servers until you undo the changes (using the backup-function in the tool). You only get VAC-Banned if you're injecting code to the running >program and with JAVA you can't inject code (google it)."

This is how "magic mushrooms" put it in his comment, thank you!:

"For all u guys wondering its just editing a game file, much like mcskillet does to test out skins but this program is just a shortcut so you dont >have to find it manually in the note pad if you go online you will just get kicked and get an error thats all, just verify your game files and you can >play again it does not give you the skins it just changes around the textures of your existing skins"

Program doesn't start and a message box pops up saying "items_game" not readable.
Click here to learn how to fix this bug. I hope to automate the process of fixing the file in the future. (So stay tuned for updates ;) )

Program doesn't start and a message box pops up saying "NullPointerException / null..."
With the latest version of the skinchanger, you need the "default"-file in the same directory as the skinchanger *.jar. If that's the case and you still get any error, contact me (simply by commenting on one of the skinchanger-videos.).

How can I reset all files to play on official servers again?
Either use the backup function of the program (go to Restore -> Select backup and select one of the automatically created backup files)
or delete the items_game.txt file and go to Steam -> Right-Click CS -> Properties -> Check local files. This will reload all missing files
from the server.

Where do I find the items_game.txt (for manual editing)?
It's usually in C:/Program Files (x86 or x64)/steam/steamapps/common/Counter-Strike Global Offensive/csgo/scripts/items/items_game.txt
or [wherever-your-steam-is-installed]/steamapps/common/Counter-Strike Global Offensive/csgo/scripts/items/items_game.txt


The latest version features a knife changer!!
Only works on sv_pure 1 servers or offline. You can´t get vac-banned for this but
you will be kicked from official servers.